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In Flight USA

September 2003


Want free Av Weather on the Internet?   Better say so, quick!
FAA & NWS taking pilot comments on weather website for the first few days of September...

Sport Pilot License out of FAA to DOT
Who needs a medical? Maybe not you...

FAA Issues Plastic Airmen's Certificates
A whole new look for your pilot's license...

Stall/Spin Study Surprise
Experienced pilots most at risk for stall/spin death...

Washington ADIZ brief escape window
Aircraft currently trapped inside Washington's ADIZ, for lack of transponders and radios, have a brief way out...

White House Resumes
Civilian Shoot-Downs

In the Bush Administration's "war on drugs," two years ago this summer, an American-made Peruvian fighter jet - guided by a CIA reconnaisance jet - mistakenly shot down an American missionary family in a Cessna floatplane... killing a mother and her baby, and seriously wounding the pilot. Another missionary and his 6-year-old son escaped the crashed plane, as the Peruvian fighter continued shooting.
   Under heavy Congressional criticism, the program was suspended. But the Bush administration has just decided to get back in the business of guiding foreign air forces to shoot down unarmed civilians...


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Extraordinary Aviators

Aero Commander 'Astronette'

(Jerri Cobb Found'n photo)

40 years ago this summer, the first woman astronaut flew into space -- a Russian. But it almost was Jerrie Cobb. An instructor at 19, she was one of the most decorated civilian flyers of modern times... Now Cobb quietly lives the most daring and honorable life imaginable for any aviator... Many are talking seriously of putting this shy hero into space, today... (Continued...)

Historical Reflections

Mooney Magic:
    Wooden Wonders:

( photo)

Al Mooney was a restless young man with a gift, and a pair of gifted companions. With brother Art and buddy Mac, he'd crafted great designs for key planemakers: muscular biplanes like the Alexander Eaglerock Long-Wing, giant Bellanca transports, the first light twin (for Monocoupe), and others. With World War II approaching, his focus shifted to making real money for himself, while crafting his favorite kind of plane -- for Culver. Working only in wood, he would create a horde of tiny planes that would become one of America's oddest wartime secrets, and set the stage for his next radical design, under his own name... (Continued...)

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Aviation Industry News

Luscombe offers first "cheap black-box" flight recorder
There are a lot of airliner-class electronics in light planes these days, but Luscombe is ready to bring a whole new concept to lightplane cockpits, with the most famous and controversial of airline gadgets. But this one isn't just for crash investigators. Instant replay of any flight is just one possibility...

Single Starship to be Saved for Air Museum

Raytheon Aircraft has been quietly recalling its entire fleet of Beech Starships, to be destroyed. One aviation museum has managed to save one of the tiny fleet of pioneering planes which began a modern revolution in general aviation aircraft design....

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Flight Instruction

Surprise tutorial, from a very experienced instructor...

This month's flight tutorial is from a very experienced flying pro, who can tell you a thing or two you don't normally think to consider when you're up there -- subtle details which could soon save your life...

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Air Shows & Events

Kansas goes Plane Crazy, Invites you to the madness

In the course of one week, Sept. 7-19, Wichita, Kansas -- "the Air Capital City" plans to forever reverse it's sad lack of robust civilian airshows with a week-long spectacle that includes the arrival of dozens of rare flying antiques with the National Air Tour, presentations by NASA astronauts & cosmonauts, USAF Thunderbirds performances, Red Bull's MiG Magic jet team, world-champion stunt pilot Patty Wagstaff, Jimmy Franklin's jet-powered WACO biplane, hot air balloons, a night airshow complete with world-class fireworks, and dozens of extraordinary civilian and military aircraft (including Boeing-Wichita's B-29 Superfortress restoration) on display or in the air, and....(Continued)

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