How do we put together a website that makes you look professional, for only an amateur price -- and do it quickly?

We'll interview you briefly, and gather your ideas on what you want on your web site. If you're in Wichita, or very close, we can come to your facility and take the few photos for your website, or pick them up. If not, you can e-mail them to us (call for details).

We then quickly put the basic web site together for you (it generally takes less than 10 working days), and show you the results for your approval.

When you approve, we upload it to a web-hosting service, who stores it on their "web server" computer, linked to the internet. They link it to your reserved domain name, on the internet, so that anyone who connects to your domain name is directed to your website pages stored on their server.

Your website remains on the web server* for ONE YEAR (unless you decide on changes) -- and your domain name is registered to you for TWO YEARS -- at no additional charge (additional years of domain name registration can be arranged for a few dozen dollars a year, or less).

* With your payment, we arrange for this with a reputable, long-established local web-hosting service (Currently, we set up our clients using the services of KansasHosting, LLC or Hubris Communications, Inc. ) -- and place the entire contract in your name, so you are not dependent upon us.   YOU own the web site.
    Your contract with the web host, for the year's service, is paid in full.
    Additional years of service are available from them (or from any other web hosting service you choose), at competitive rates (typically $120-$300/year for small web sites).

When it's finished, we essentially hand you the keys:

  • user name and password
  • a pre-paid account in your name, at the web hosting service
  • your registered domain name
  • a CD with copies of all your web pages
--and we just walk away. Your web site is now ALL YOURS!

For the next year, your web hosting service is available to resolve technical problems, and to renew your hosting service at the end of the year. They can also extend the registration of your domain name. You can change your hosting service at any time.

If, at any time, you want changes to your web pages, any web developer can accomodate you -- including us, if you like.

Richard Harris & Associates
(316) 371-9079