Aviation Writer/Educator
Credentials & History


        Business & Communications degree, 1997
        with additional coursework in Aerospace Science, Engineering,
        Computer Science, Economics, Politics, Government & Law.
        (Communications minor: Journalism & Broadcasting)

        Certified in top 2% of U.S. in English Composition
        by the College Board / CLEP Test

        Certified in top 1% of U.S. in Verbal Aptitude
        by Educational Testing Service / SAT & PSAT Tests

        FAA Aeronautical Instructor's License (BGI)

        Pilot flight time in several different aircraft,
        including complex, high-performance, and "glass cockpit" aircraft,
        plus military and business jet simulators.

        Civil Air Patrol (U.S. Air Force Auxiliary)
        Several awards and training certificates,
        including military aerospace training by USAF.

        Business training certifications from:
        • Small Business Administration
        • Better Business Bureau   (Certified Arbitrator)
        • Rockhurst College / Skillpath Seminars Group

        Shortlist Finalist*   (Systems & Technology Category),
        Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards, London (2004)
        * (1 of only 3 U.S. general aviation writers shortlisted that year, in all categories, combined. Subsequently appointed as a judge for the awards.)

        State Teaching Certificate in Adult Education
           (Specialty Certification: Computers)

        Teacher / Trainer / Instructor experience:
        • Aviation/Aeronautics/Aerospace Technology
          (Civil Air Patrol, Wichita Free Univ., BHS Flying Club, tutoring, lectures at Wichita State Univ. & Friends Univ.)
        • Aviation Technical Writing
          (Wichita Area Technical College, ADR Bookprint, Inc.)
        • Computers
          (Wichita Public Schools Adult Ed., Ark. State Univ.,
          Computer Consulting & Training Co., tutoring etc.)
        • Automotive
          (Wichita Free Univ. program, tutoring)
        • Business
          (Wichita State Univ. staff, Urban League, tutoring, etc.)
        • Curriculum Development &/or Admin.
          (Wichita State Univ., Ark. State Univ., Wichita Area Tech. Coll., Wichita Public Schools Adult Ed., etc.)


      Aviation civic activity, since 2000:
      • Editorial Board, American Aviation Historical Society, 2019-present
      • Chair, Wichita Aviation Centennial Committee, 2016-2017
      • Chair, Kansas Aviation Centennial Committee, 2011-2012
      • Kansas Aviation History Speaker, Kansas Humanities Council,
      • Advisor/Announcer, Kansas Flight Festival Committee, 2006
      • Judge, Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards (London),
      • Advisor, Bleckley Airport Memorial Foundation, 2022-present

      City of Wichita, former minor official,
      in several appointed or elected posts,
      1970s-1980s -- including:
      • Commissioner:  Wichita Traffic Commission
      • Commissioner:  Wichita Civil Rights/EEO Commission
      • Chair:  Eastside Community Action Council
      • Chair:  Area K Council, Citizens Participation Org.
      • Vice Chair:  Central CPO Council
      • Secretary:  Housing, Development & Employment Committee,
        City of Wichita Four-Year Planning Task Force
      • ...and others


    Aircraft Manufacturers (as contract worker)
      • Strategic Planning - SCM
      • Engineering Change Coordination
      • Marketing - Single Engine
      Beechcraft (Raytheon):
      • Supply Chain Management (SCM - A/P Review)
      • Technical Publications
      • Technical Support
      • Human Resources (Hiring)
      • Marketing - Business Aircraft, Fractional (Travel Air)
      Learjet (Bombardier):
      • Production Planning (Learjet 40-series)
      • Marketing - Maintenance Services
      • Marketing - Spares Sales
      • Customer Support
      • Accounting

    Other aviation work experience:
      • Business Consultant - Richard Harris & Assoc.  (current)
      • Airport Night Manager - Piper Airpark (now Jabara Airport)
      • Operations Coordination - Civil Air Patrol
      • Parts Coordinator: Air Midwest Airlines
      • Instrument Technician: A.I.M. & Bel Aire Instruments
      • Aviation Writer  (reporter/analyst/historian)
        (see list of magazines & journals below).
      • Course Developer & Instructor: Aviation Technical Writing:
        Wichita Area Technical College
      • Senior Technical Writer: ADR Bookprint  (contractor for
        Cessna Aircraft & FlightSafety Int'l;  see list of manuals below).


    Aviation media articles (over 100):
      Aviation magazine & journal articles published in:
      • AAHS Journal
      • AAHS Flightline
      • Skyways
      • In Flight USA
      • Private Pilot
      • Aviation News
      • General Aviation News
      • World AirNews
      Aviation articles online published in:
      • Aero News Network online news
      • Air Capital Report online news
      • Wings Over Kansas website
      • Kansas Aviation Centennial website
      • Kansas Sampler website

    Pilot Training Manuals written (for FlightSafety International):
      • Cessna Citation Mustang  (whole)
      • Cessna Citation CJ1+  (whole)
      • Cessna Citation CJ2+  (half)

    Aircraft Operating Manuals written (for Cessna Aircraft Co. / Textron)
      • Cessna Citation Mustang  (whole)
      • Cessna Citation CJ1+  (whole)
      • Cessna Citation CJ2+  (half)
      • Cessna Citation Excel/XLS  (part)
      • Cessna Citation Bravo  (part)
      • Cessna 425 Corsair/Conquest I  (part)
      • Cessna 208 Caravan  (part)

    Aviation Documentary Films & Programs: General media:
      Television: appeared/consulted in:
      • Aviation Documentaries on public television
        in Kansas, Georgia, Florida & California
        (as noted above)
      • New York, CBS Evening News, in-depth segment:
        Boeing Leaves Wichita  (consulted on Wichita & Boeing history)
      • Wichita, KSN-W Ch.3, evening news, in-depth report:
        Amelia Earhart
      • Wichita, KSN (cable) Ch.22, news magazine, special segment:
        Amelia Earhart
      • Wichita, KWCH Ch.12, evening news, in-depth report:
        Boeing/Spirit layoffs & 737 MAX program
      • Wichita, KMUW-FM, "The Range," in-depth report:
        Learjet history and end.
      Newspaper & Magazine Articles:
      Cited in:
      • Wichita Eagle & Beacon
        (numerous interviews/citations: politics, aviation & local history.)
      • Wichita Business Journal
        (multiple interviews/citations: Boeing jetliner developments.)
      • The Sunflower
        (early Kansas aviation history.)
      • Kansas! Magazine
        (Kansas aviation history.)
      • Florida Today
        (Wichita aviation history & Cape Canveral aerospace future.)
      News/feature writing published in:
      • Wichita Business Journal  
      • Wichita Small Business Report
      • Haysville Sun
      • Mulvane Old Settler
      • WSU Sunflower
      • Jonesboro (Ark.) Sun
      • Bloomington (Ind.) Courier-Tribune
      • ...and others.
      Op-Eds & Essays (politics) published in:
      • Wichita Eagle & Beacon
      • Topeka Capital-Journal
      • Kansas City Star
      • Houston Chronicle
      • Chicago Tribune
      • ...and abroad.

    Clippings available upon request.


      • National Biplane Fly-In / Biplane Assn. of America
        (Junction City, KS)
      • Kansas Aviation Centennial Kick-Off (Wichita, KS)
      • Wichita Aviation Centennial Kick-Off (Wichita, KS)
      • Wichita Flight Festival (Wichita, KS)
      • Benton Days Fly-In (Benton, KS)
      • ConAir2011 Model Show & Contest
          (at Kansas Aviation Museum; Wichita, KS)
      Museums & Libraries:
      • EAA AirVenture Museum (Oshkosh, WI)
          (during AirVenture 2014)
      • Kansas Aviation Museum (Wichita, KS)
          (multiple presentations)
      • Wichita/Sedgwick Co. Historical Museum (Wichita, KS)
          (multiple presentations)
      • Parsons Historical Museum (Parsons, KS)
      • Park City Public Library / Park City Alive! (Park City, KS)
      • Winfield Public Library (KS)
          (coordinated with NASA exhibit)
      Colleges & Universities:
      • Wichita State University (Wichita, KS)
          (annually, 2009-2021)
      • Friends University (Wichita, KS)
      • Butler Community College, (El Dorado, KS)
      • Johnson Co. Community College, (Overland Park, KS)
      Other Organizations:
      • Experimental Aircraft Assn. (Wichita Chapter)
      • OX-5 Club (Pioneer Aviators: Wichita Chapter)
      • Wichita Genealogical Society (Wichita, KS)
      • ...and others.

      • American Aviation Historical Society
      Prior, since 2000:
      • Experimental Aircraft Association
      • Professional Aviation Maintenance Assn.
      • Wichita Manufacturers Association
      • World Trade Council of Wichita
      • Community Advisory Board, KPTS-TV
      Prior, before 2000:
      • Curriculum Committee, Wichita State University
      • Civil Air Patrol, Aux.USAF.
      • BHS Flying Club

    online references:

      Kansas Aviation Centennial article developed for
      AAHS Flightline, Fall 2011 issue, #177
      "The Newsletter of the American Aviation Historical Society"
       (developed on short notice, recounting start of Kansas aviation industry,
        and providing quick overview of subsquent history)

      Demonstration website developed for
      In Flight USA, Sept. 2003 issue
      "The News Magazine for U.S. General Aviation Pilots & Professionals"
       (developed solely using RH's articles which were
        published in the magazine's Sept. 2003 print edition)

      Aviation History & Industry articles
       (wide range of RH's articles -- most published in print magazines --
        with histories of Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, other manufacturers):

      ...includes this in-depth commercial aviation industry article:

      Articles from Aero-News Network (ANN)
       (listing of articles from RH's final 6 months as part-time reporter
        for an online aviation industry news service)
        sorted by themes: