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Richard Harris & Associates provides technical assistance to Businesses, Organizations, Educators and Media, in...

  • Computer Consulting
  • Internet Web Site Development* & Service
  • Internet-based Researching
  • Custom Applications Development
  • Database Development & Documentation
  • Data Entry, Editing, Review & Verification
  • Data Analysis & Translation
  • Interactive Media
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Computer Training Programs (Certified Instructor)

* For information on Web Site Development,

With staff including a state-certified computer instructor, an award-winning former web site developer for a major corporation, and with Richard Harris' experience as a computer programmer, analyst, manager and consultant, Richard Harris & Associates offers a wide range of solid computer services expertise.

Our personnel have provided database, web site, training and other computer services for a wide range of clientele, from small businesses to major corporations, including the region's:
  • leading aircraft manufacturers
  • leading global energy conglomerate
  • leading agribusinesses
  • leading communications & media companies
  • leading healthcare institution
  • leading academic institutions
  • leading insurance enterprise
...and dozens of medium-sized and smaller businesses, too!

For more information on Computer & Internet Services provided by Richard Harris & Associates, call or e-mail::

Richard Harris & Associates

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