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communications assistance
Businesses, Organizations, Educators & Media

  • Formal Presentations
  • Training Programs
  • Curriculum Development
  • Educational Materials Development
  • Training Manuals
  • Exhibit Design & Development
  • Public-Relations
  • News & Feature Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Topic Research
  • Copy Editing
  • Layout & Design
  • Illustration & Graphics
  • Photography & Image Processing
Our professionals have a wide range of credentials in many skill-areas related to successful communications, and particularly in the fields of media and education, including...

  • Teaching (Teaching experience in multiple fields, with over 500 adult students taught. State board-certified adult-education teacher. Federally-certified technical instructor. Former curriculum developer. Former member of the WSU Curriculum Committee. Member of an educational broadcasting advisory group.)

  • Communications (Widely-experienced journalist, broadcaster, public speaker and technical writer, published in national media and elsewhere -- including major newspapers and business media. Collegiate minor in communications. Ranked by the College Board in the top 2% of U.S. college students in English composition skill, with Honors coursework. Five-year veteran judge for a major international journalism awards program.)

  • Illustration (Computer-graphics pro, and technical illustrator. Academically trained, experienced photographer, nationally published.)

  • Communications Technology (Formal training in video, audio & computer-based media, along with management experience in desktop publishing & commercial pre-press. Experience in broadcasting. and online (internet) media. Award-winning web site developer. )

  • Writing Productivity (Experience working under deadlines, and experience generating very large, accurate, technical articles and reports. Touch typists with word-processing expertise. We've written and edited published materials -- from press releases, to newspaper and magazine articles, to academic papers and technical manuals -- with upwards of 3,000 words in a day.)

Our customers, clients & employers (for communications work) have included:
  • Leading newspapers
  • National and international magazines
  • Industry newsletters
  • Colleges & universities
  • Major aircraft manufacturers
  • Other major national manufacturers
  • Various large service enterprises
  • and many MORE!

We're able to communicate with ANYONE -- equally comfortable with complex technical dissertations or plain-language writing for the average non-technical consumer, and have earned a reputation for very comprehensible teaching for the novice. We know how to make things clear, and the importance of doing so.

We have excellent research resources, at our disposal, including our own 1,000+-volume library, with hundreds of books, magazines, manuals, brochures, reports and other documents -- in business, economics, history, politics, government, law, science, technology and communications. In addition, we have access to three vast collections of research documents:   at the Wichita Public Library, and the archives of Wichita State University (with a huge federal repository of archived and current government documents).

And of course there are the infinite resources of telephone and Internet -- both of which we're exceptionally proficient in using for deep, fast research.

With our knowledge and professional experience in communications we can do much of the pre-press work for you (from proofreading, to design, to final proofs) in consultation with you -- unburdening your production schedule, accelerating the availability of the product, and possibly even reducing its development cost.

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Richard Harris & Associates

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