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Sunset or Sunrise? It's a matter of your perspective.

Whether your organization needs
a fresh approach
to a problem,
or simply needs a
fresh perspective

on itself,
Richard Harris & Associates provides a wide range of organization research and consulting services -- from experts with business and technical degrees, certificates and licenses.

From process analysis, to system evaluation, to physical and technical improvements, to organizational structural change, we specialize in bringing a diverse set of talents -- and a FRESH PERSPECTIVE -- to focus on the most complex organizational challenges.

Our services include:

  • "SWOT Analysis":
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities
    • Threats
  • Industry Trend
     & Change Analysis
  • Market Research
     & Consulting
  • Product/Service Development
      Consulting & Support
  • Project Options
      Analysis & Consulting
  • Organization & Process Analysis
  • Corporate Data Analysis
     & Data Mining
  • Geographic Dynamics Analysis
  • Transportation & Energy Reviews
  • Purchasing/Contracting Consulting
  • External Relations Guidance
    • Vendors
    • Customers
    • Key Businesses
         & Individuals
    • Government Agencies
          & Funding
    • Organizations
          & Institutions
    • and the Public
  • Staffing Priorities Review
  • Training Program Development

Our president, Richard Harris, has decades of experience in business management and organizational leadership -- and on boards and leadership committees of various businesses, organizations, institutions and government agencies -- including:

  • a manufacturer
  • a television station
  • a newspaper
  • a university
  • business & technology organizations
  • several government boards, councils and commissions.
A former member of the Wichita Manufacturers' Association and the World Trade Council of Wichita, he has also served on the National Panel of Consumer Arbitrators for the Better Business Bureau.

Over three decades, Harris has provided contract services for most of Wichita's leading industrial and institutional enterprises, and many smaller businesses, including work in:

  • Strategic & Production Planning
  • Budget, Finance & Accounting
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Marketing & Market Research
  • Product & Service Development
  • Engineering Coordination Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Subcontracting
  • Asset & Facilities Management
  • Data Analysis & Data Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Administrative & Legal Affairs
  • Documentation & Training
Teaming with a broad array of talented professionals, locally and regionally, Richard Harris & Associates provides multi-faceted expertise to help organizations...
  • Get a fresh perspective on their situation;

  • More thoroughly understand their status, environment, and options;

  • Refocus their current efforts, and resources, to meet new and challenging goals.

For more information on organizational research & consulting services provided by Richard Harris & Associates, call or e-mail:

Richard Harris & Associates

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