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The Aviation Answer-Man on TV at Spirit Aerosystems' Boeing jetliner factory, interviewed by KWCH-TV about the future of the company.


The Aviation Answer-Man
answering questions
at the EAA AirVenture Museum
during the world's biggest fly-in,
EAA AirVenture,
in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


The Aviation Answer-Man
delivering his popular Kansas Aviation History program
sponsored by the Kansas Humanities Council.


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History & Business

The Aviation Answer-Man offers expert information on world aviation history and business activity:
GA Aircraft Sales History
- Planes
- People
- Enterprises
- Events
- Developments
- Data

With broad experience in aviation -- in the cockpit, on the shop floor, and in the technical and business offices of leading aircraft manufacturers -- the Aviation Answer-Man has a solid knowledge of today's aviation industry. With access to countless industry professionals and
Left to right: 'Aviation Answer-Man' Richard Harris, with Bombardier / Learjet chief demo pilot Rick Rowe, Astronaut Eugene Cernan (last man on the moon), Bombardier Business Aircraft President Steve Ridolfi, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt, and Wichita ("Air Capital City") Mayor Carl Brewer.
government agencies, and three of the finest collections of aviation archives in the world, the Aviation Answer-Man can get answers most others can never find. With a vast array of aviation historical and industry documents, online and on the shelves, and the information-processing resources to search them quickly and present the results, the Aviation-Answer Man is the fastest way to the truth.

Whether uncovering the history of a museum artifact, or searching for an obscure aviation expert, or analyzing the recent statistical history of air transportation, ask the Answer-Man. If you're researching the foreign ownership of American aircraft, or studying the market aviation writing experience performance of an aviation manufacturer, or researching the sales trends for airliners and the market for aircraft services, the Aviation Answer-Man is the person to ask. No question is too simple or too complex.

Whether you're in the history business, or simply trying to make business history, the Aviation Answer-Man will provide you with the background information to get you off the ground and flying.

An FAA-certified aeronautics instructor with a business degree, a nationally-published aviation historian with the American Aviation Historical Society, and a business journalist whose writings on the aviation industry have been published world-wide, the Aviation Answer-Man has the knowledge to put you in the know, whether about the past, the present or the future of aviation.

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