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Aviation Writing & Reporting

The Aviation Answer-Man offers professional aviation writing -- both journalistic and technical -- on the full range of aviation topics, from jet aircraft manuals to aviation history to breaking news, including news and features on every kind of aviation:

'The NAVY's latest secret weapon!' - Personal
- Utility
- Business
- Commercial &
- Military

The Aviation Answer-Man's writings have been published in numerous aviation magazines and newspapers, ranging from the Wichita Business Journal to World AirNews, and online through a global aviation news service -- and he has assisted the FAA and NASA with public-information programs.

Throughout his career, he has interviewed hundreds of aerospace professionals: Industry CEOs, military and government leaders, researchers, engineers, technicians, air traffic controllers, flight service operators, and countless pilots -- including the biggest airshow stars and a few astronauts.

Five years (2004-2009) as a judge for the Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards, a peer-selected member of the Society of Aerospace Communicators, with a collegiate minor in communications -- backed by professional training and experience in aviation photography, pre-press operations, broadcasting and online publishing -- the Aviation Answer-Man has the media credentials you're seeking.

aviation writing experience A highly-regarded aviation technical writer, the Aviation Answer-Man has developed the aircraft operating manuals and pilot training manuals for some of the world's most popular jet aircraft. He has also developed and taught the Aviation Technical Writing course for a leading aviation technical college.

With broad experience in aviation -- in the cockpit, on the shop floor, and in the engineering and business offices of leading aircraft manufacturers -- the Aviation Answer-Man has a solid knowledge of today's aviation industry and community. This can be conveyed through any medium, from websites to magazine articles, to books, to on-air and on-stage commentary, to multimedia presentations.

'Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth...' The Aviation Answer-Man has a wide range of aviation industry contacts, backed by a private library with hundreds of aviation references and documents. A certified aeronautics instructor, an aviation historian and a business journalist whose writings on aviation have been published world-wide, the Aviation Answer-Man has the knowledge to put you in the know -- whether about the past, the present or the future of aviation.

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