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The Aviation Answer-Man on TV at the Kansas Aviation Museum, explaining aviation history to today's news audiences.




The Aviation Answer-Man
provides expert
"color commentary"
at airshows, with such
veteran national
airshow announcers
as Danny Clisham
& John "Hoot" Myers
(shown with him above).




The Aviation Answer-Man at the Kansas Aviation Hall of Fame, explaining Amelia Earhart's legacy for a local TV newscast.




The Aviation Answer-Man narrating the motion picture "Indians in Aviaton."




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Aviation Education
Programs & Events

The Aviation Answer-Man provides professional aviation education courses, training programs, guest lectures, multimedia presentations, film and TV appearances, and public events - for a wide range of topics,

  • Pilot Training & Aviation Trade Skills
  • Aviation Careers
  • Aviation Technology
  • Aviation Industry
  • Aviation History

An FAA-certified aeronautics instructor, with a state teaching certificate in adult education, and years of teaching and training experience, the Aviation Answer-Man has provided aviation presentations to audiences of dozens, hundreds, and thousands.

With broad knowledge and experience in aviation, and extensive formal training and experience in communications, the Aviation Answer-Man provides stimulating and memorable aviation learning experiences.

'Aviation Answer-Man' Richard Harris, giving a presentation on Kansas aviation history at the Kickoff event of the Kansas Aviation Centennial.

Harris has provided public and private education through such diverse methods as:

  • Lectures at colleges and universities.
  • Development & teaching of collegiate training programs.
  • Traveling presentations for educational organizations.
  • Museum presentations & educational exhibits.
  • Educational films and television programs
  • Educational and informational websites
  • Pilot ground schools and tutoring.
  • Airshow advising and announcing.

Known for a dynamic and engaging style, mixed with professional skills and a broad range of aviation expertise, the Aviation Answer-Man brings new life to aviation education.

Some of the Aviation Answer-Man's customers and hosts (most of them repeat clients) have
'Aviation Answer-Man' Richard Harris, giving his popular Kansas Aviation History presentation to one of many audiences, state-wide, for the Kansas Humanities Council (MORE....)

  • Wichita State University
  • Wichita Area Technical College
  • Friends University
  • Butler Community College
  • Johnson County Community College
  • American Aviation Historical Society
  • Kansas Humanties Council
  • Kansas Aviation Centennial
  • Kansas Flight Festival
  • Kansas State (television) Network

    During the world's biggest fly-in and airshow, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the 'Aviation Answer-Man' Richard Harris, explains museum exhibits for the EAA AirVenture Museum, one of the nation's most respected aviation museums. (MORE....)

  • National Biplane Fly-In
  • EAA AirVenture Museum,
    Fly-In & Airshow (Oshkosh, Wisc.)
  • Kansas Aviation Museum
  • Wichita / Sedgwick County Historical Museum
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • FAA
  • NASA
...and many others.

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Aviation Answer-Man

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